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Who is Kosova

Kosovo, located in the heart of Balkan Peninsula, was known as Kingdom of Dardania after the Illiryan tribe Dardans. Dardania means the place of pears, while the new name of this ancient state, Kosovo means blackbird and it is believed it took this name after the Battle of Kosovo in 1389 against the Ottoman Empire. Nowadays Kosovo is known for its archaeological sites that show the history of Albanians, for its marvelous nature and mountains, for its unique traditions and culture, for its nightlife and festivals, and of course, for the warm hospitality. Kosovo is where old and modern meet and live in harmony with each other.





The capital of Kosovo, with its large population of university students and expats, is one of the liveliest cities in all of Eastern Europe. It has a lot to offer to both tourists and locals, including festivals, cultural events, fascinating museums, hip cafés, and many restaurant options.



Prizren is renowned for its Ottoman-era structures, historic mosques, including the magnificent Sinan Pasha Mosque, for the beautiful architecture of the Catholic Churches and Orthodox Monasteries, and of course the Prizren Castle, the symbol of a heroic past.

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With its blend of heritage and modernity, this Balkan city, which can be found in the mountainous Rugova region, is every traveler's dream. The region is home to cutting-edge activities like zip-lining tours and ski resorts, stunning natural settings, centuries-old UNESCO monuments, and traditional gastronomy.



The biggest Bazaar, called Çarshia e Madhe and Çarshia e Vogël, is located in Gjakova, which is well known for its cafés and artisan boutiques. Gjakova is also known for its old mosques and churches, stone bridges, and Hani i Haraqisë. For nature lovers, there are a lot of restaurants in Shkugëza Park.

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The city of Gjilan is located in the Anamorava district of southeast Kosovo, encircled by the magnificent Karadak Mountains. The city is well-known for its distinctive architecture, markets, a castle constructed in the 13th century to house gold and silver, and its traditional dining establishments and cuisine.



Mitrovica was first referenced in writing during the Middle Ages, making it one of the earliest cities in Kosovo that is currently known. Mitrovica region has been inhabited from prehistoric times due to its advantageous location in the center of the two major rivers Ibër and Sitnica and its mineral wealth at Albanik (Monte Argentarum). Illyrians, or the Dardan tribe, resided in this area. (43) (28)



The city of Ferizaj is renowned for being a haven of religious and cultural openness. There is a lot of history and culture to discover in this region of the country, and the people are quite friendly and hospitable. In addition, Ferizaj is renowned for its food, boulevards, raki, wine, and gastronomic phenomenon known as river bifurcation.



Rahovec is situated in the prosperous agricultural Dukagjini Valley in the Prizren region of western Kosovo. It is renowned for its wineries and vineyards, and of course the grapes festival, HardhFest, which takes place every early September. (39) (41)


Dardana - Kamenica

Known for its picnic spots, Dardana is the perfect place to take the family on vacation or just to relax in the outdoors. A guarantee for leisure and relaxation is the beautiful nature, clean air, and the murmur of the river. Dardana is a stunning location for a weekend getaway with horseback riding and amazing hilltop views.



Kullas, or fortified stone family homes, were constructed in Junik's Tergovishte, Gacaffer, and Berishë neighborhood clusters. These are the oldest examples of this building typology to be discovered in Kosovo and have combined to form a distinctive core or ensemble of buildings in Junik. The Çoku Mosque, constructed in 1580, is another historical monument in Junik. The highest point in the area, Mount Gjeravica, at 2656 meters above sea level, is another attraction in Junik. Two lakes in the region have a connection to prior glacial activity. The Big Lake serves as the source of the Erenik River, which is the largest river in the area. … (40)

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