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traditional food

fli, hashure, Leqenik, Sarajli, BUKË MISËRNIKE

In Kosovo, food plays a significant role in social life. Baklava, Lokum, and Halva are customarily made in practically every Kosovo home during festive events. Also, you will have the opportunity to enjoy both making and eating Fli, Leqenik, Bukë Misërnike, Hashure, Sarajli, and many other traditional foods and experiences that are unique for Albanians and Kosovars.

Traditional events

traditional weddings, clothes and more

Kosovo tradition is very rich, unique, yet with small differences among regions and communities. To make your experience more incredible, you will attend traditional events such as Albanian weddings, Darka e Lamës, cultural events, traditional gatherings, traditional games, and many others. You will experience Albanian culture and tradition up close.

Religious experience

religious tolerance

Kosovo's society is firmly secularized and is ranked first in Southern Europe and ninth overall for freedom and equality in terms of tolerance for both religion and atheism. In Kosovo you can find the three biggest religion in the world, Muslim religion, Christian religion and Orthodox religion, all practicing their rites without being hindered by each other and living in harmony with each other.

City life / Night life

traditional weddings, clothes and more

You have a lot to do during a day in Kosovo. You can play chess, go for a paintball match, visit bazaars, fairs, or visit Gërmia Park. For those who love night life there are a lot of nightclubs, coffee and Kosovo is known for macchiato, or you can go to a festival.

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